Entry #5

Man cool things happening.

2012-05-18 10:57:35 by haehyun

I'm going to dub this as a good week.
Because my life is extremely boring and the ridiculously small things make me wet myself.

So ya'll know of my silly Bobs Burgers fanart. here

I've noticed the growing attention it's gotten on dA and here on newgrounds.
Didn't realize it'd show up on a google search.
Look what the writers of Bobs Burgers have to say about my work!

I'm only assuming but I guess someone blogged my fanart without giving me credit ( not trying to sound malicious ).
Luckily my signature is close to unreadable. right.

As a small town girl, this is like finding out Liam Neeson drove past my local Applebees once, maybe.
man that SoB is everywhere lately.


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2012-05-18 12:02:20

Your work deserves to be noticed, and hopefully they'll buy the rights to that picture from you for a plastic tray liner for kids maybe!
I'm not gay, but I'd wet myself over Liam Leeson if I met him :3

haehyun responds:

aw thanks mannn
hahah and nah i dont think they will, but it's fun to fantasize


2012-09-28 05:10:17

How've ya been? Still very grateful for all the wonderful pictures you send us :3

haehyun responds:

Sorry I didn't see this! And thanks!
You can just pm me if you want to have a conversation lmao


2012-11-20 04:34:12

I could certainly PM you ;3 if I weren't chicken about doing so.
Totally forgot you have a dA account; so much excellent work going on there!
Oh, er, btw, the top tumblr link on your page goes to a dead-end :P